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BaseCreate is pleased to announce that it has been commissioned by Leighton Asia reposition its brand. We will help Leighton Asia evolve its brand strategy, and will be responsible updating Leighton Asia’s brand identity, website, and other collaterals.

For almost 50 years Leighton Asia, one of the region’s largest and most respected construction companies, has been progressively building for a better future by leveraging international expertise with local intelligence. In that time Leighton has delivered some of Asia’s prestigious buildings and transformational infrastructure projects.

“It’s a pleasure working with Bunker. They understood our brand positioning guidelines and translated them beautifully consistently into our on-going marketing comms”

Leighton Asia’s brand refreshment will help position the company to meet the challenges of future, as it seeks to lead the industry in technological innovation and sustainable building practices to deliver long-lasting value for its clients.


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Always ready to push the boundaries, especially when it comes to our own platform maximum analytical eye to create a site that was visually engaging and also optimized

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